CRM Tool for Repair Shops and Rents


Repair/Service Businesses that use SATS

  • Bicycle Repair Shops
  • Electronics Repair Shops
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment Repair Shops
  • Office equipment (printers,copier) Repair Shops and Rent
  • Watch Repair Shops
  • Cell Phone Repair Shops
  • Computer Repair Shops
  • General Repair Shops

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SATS – CRM Tool for Repair Shops and Rents is designed for ease of recording and processing of help desk in small enterprises. The system provides simplified application and customer adding. The system has built-in simple and understandable CRM (customer relationship management) functionality, warehouse, possibility to create orders and attract the needed equipment components in order to select the most suitable ones during the repair.

It is easy to enter all the necessary information in service desk applications (components to be ordered, labor costs, used components, information on service master and status, communication with customers) in order processing of service desk application to be successful. Rent module are constantly improve, to meet customer needs. The system has a convenient starting panel and reports for viewing registered service desk applications and monitoring the execution.

The system can be supplemented and modified according to your needs.

SATS options


  • User roles (Manager, service master etc.)
  • Menu defining for specific users or groups of users
  • Defining user departments (services) and corresponding user rights
  • User activity
  • Opening panel (dashboard) with current information
  • Internal correspondence between the system users
  • Classifier of manufacturer brands and models
  • Program settings


  • Adding of private and commercial customers
  • Possibility to add and view customers contact information, persons attached to a customer, service applications, leases and equipment
  • Possibility to add certain activities to customers: a note, appointment, call or reminder

Adding and processing service applications

  • Adding and editing of service applications
  • Application printout
  • Possibility to create applications for both commercial and private customers
  • Classified input of equipment, equipment search by the customer
  • Repair price change history
  • Service application status change history
  • Adding of images
  • Sending messages to customers in case of service application status change
  • History of sent messages
  • Adding warehouse items, possibility to filter out components for particular service application’s equipment
  • Possibility to add activities: a note, meeting, call or reminder
  • Equipment register
  • Creating orders

Warehouse, components, orders

  • Creation of component groups
  • Input of components
  • Adding components to warehouse by the purchase date
  • Possibility to attach components to service applications by the purchase date and price
  • Indication of sales price
  • Automatic warehouse balance recalculation after adding or deleting components from the service application
  • Components’ attraction to another component or equipment
  • Orders


  • Rental equipment register
  • Rental equipment recommended price
  • Rental agreement register
  • Payment of rental agreement administration
  • Rent module for office equipment leases
  • Mobile App for office equipment meter monthly administration

Customer portal

  • Information about the status of repair

Reports and reviews

  • Service applications report
  • Warehouse report
  • Rental report
  • Group reports (summary of service applications, service applications by services, money for work by service masters after application status changes to ‘Ready’, service applications by days and services, amounts of warehouse’s product groups by service masters and by product group adding date).

If you want to get more information about Service Desk Application Registration System for Small businesses development and implementation possibilities for your company, contact us.